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Providing professional speakers for your Education Event.

Our elite group of speakers are drawn from all parts of the sector and work in a full range of settings from seminars and conferences to thinking dinners, workshops and consultancies and INSET Training days.

If you require guidance on who would best suit your event, we can offer first hand advice on each speaker, their area of expertise and their availability. In addition Slater Baker can provide both personal and professional testimonials and give you a choice of speakers to match you requirements.

Many of our speakers are proficient in generic topics such as leadership, management and motivation, and can offer their services to a broader audience, beyond the sector.

Slater Baker speakers are at the peak of their profession and will enhance the profile and credibility of your event. They can all be relied upon for their quality and expertise. Allied with our proficient administration, Slater Baker can help you with a significant element of your event organisation.

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Typical feedback received for Slater Baker speakers:

"His keynote speech opened the conference. It was excellent. He had prepared thoroughly, judged his audience to perfection and pitched the content expertly. He is a raconteur of great ability and delivered his speech with that mix of humour, authority and humility that marks out the best speakers."

"Funniest most motivational speaker I've heard in years."

"Superb! I was so impressed with her down to earth approach and the wisdom she shared with us."

"She put the current changes into context, giving us all lots of things to reflect on and a feeling of empowerment."

"It’s so refreshing to listen to someone who has such empathy for the policy area and education in general, and who brings a broad historical sweep, and all without a trace of pomposity, delivering so fluently, and with a light touch too."

"He was likeable, easy to listen to and shared a wealth of practical tips which delegates found extremely useful. In fact, some delegates found the information he gave them the most practical of any speaker we’d had in the 12 years we’ve been running the heads annual conference."

"Simply the best conference I have been on – Outstanding! I would have paid three times as much to attend."

"He was firstly truly inspirational. All staff questionnaires and staff themselves verbally praised his work with the College and INSET. He was humorous, poignant, and brilliant in terms of learning and teaching. We cannot thank you enough for organising this on our behalf. – In short thank you."

"Exceptional nuggets of wisdom and humour."

"He was truly magnificent. There is an aura around him that I can't explain but when he joined us for the pre-conference meal he had an immediate uplifting effect. He is this Country's greatest educational asset, and I am saddened that successive governments do not try to maximise the opportunity we have to learn from this great man."