DAVID CROSSLEY - Schools can do anything but not everything : Helping schools to make the most of the resources and choices they have.

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David Crossley


England has probably the greatest level of devolution of resources to the school and converter academy status takes this to a further level but do we really understand or make enough of the choices we have?
This package seeks to help schools, school leadership teams and governors develop a more strategic approach to school financial management. It also seeks to more directly link the schools core aims and priorities to its financial strategy and budget setting processes. The package will be of particular value to schools that have recently converted to academy status or to new federations or school partnerships, but is also of value to any school that wishes to make the most of the choices they have. The package can also be personalised to meet your specific context and needs.
David draws on his experience of leading numerous of workshops on strategic financial management and writing articles on management, alongside practical experience as the Headteacher of four very different schools. Where appropriate the package can already include contributions from a business manager from one of the early converter academies.

Suggested Structure

The programme and includes:-
Developing the expertise and understanding of school finances across your leadership team
Identifying the choices you have
Developing strategies to help you be proactive and stay true to principles in times of budget reductions
Exploring the notion of abandonment and redeployment of existing resources
Helping you to be prepared to consider doing things differently
Considering key expenditure areas to both cost and benchmark within your school, from year to year and against similar schools.

Intended Outcomes

Develop a better understanding of strategic school financial management and gain the confidence to both explore and make the most of choices schools have
Help schools ensure maintain their key priorities in times of change and budget reductions
Help schools to have the confidence to explore alternative ways of doing things
Link curriculum decisions, school plans and finances in a meaningful way
Provide simple effective ways of benchmarking costs both within the school and with similar schools


This package is offered as a full or half day programme


Half Day - 1500 + travel expenses + vat
Full Day - 2000 + travel expenses + vat

NB: In some instances due to travel arrangements and an early start overnight accommodation might be required. TO MAKE A BOOKING AND DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS CONTACT HEATHER OR CAROLINE by emailing: enquiries@slaterbaker.com