DAVID CROSSLEY - Teaching Schools - Creating capacity, exploring capability and assuring commitment to your teaching school - Embedding buy in for and engagement within your teaching school alliance

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David Crossley


Teaching School Alliances have great potential, but what do we know and what have we learnt about what makes network such as these effective? David Crossley draws on his national and international experience of leading school to school networks to both inform and engage alliance members with the potential and possibilities of the teaching school initiative, to confirm its aims and explore how it can best realise its goals. The initial trials of this day were particularly well received by both teaching school leaders and members of the alliance. All felt there were clear advantages from involving someone external to the group and value the strategic approach and the access to knowledge and thinking drawn from effective networks both within the UK and overseas. The outcomes is a report on the day and set of recommendations to inform your next steps and a real sense understanding of and buy in for the key aims of your alliance

Suggested Structure

A full day which includes an initial interactive keynote followed a series of facilitated group activities designed to meet your needs. The day is targeted at school leaders, key representatives from within each school and other partners involved in your alliance and is ideally for a group of around 30 delegates. As a session it works equally well either as an initial introductory day for a new alliance or at some stage after the initial establishment when the alliance wants to build on what has been initially learnt and plan a way forward for the future.
The aims of the day are likely include
Developing a better understanding of the context and philosophy underpinning the development of teaching schools.
An explanation of a range of examples of emerging types of Teaching School Alliance
Exploring the potential roles and functions of the Teaching School Alliance
Identifying and / or refining the current and future needs of the partners and the alliance as a whole
Exploring the areas of expertise and potential contributions of each of the strategic partners
Considering how to make it work and how we meet what is expected of us from National College
Beginning a process of confirming what those involved expect of each other and the accountabilities to each other

Intended Outcomes

Schools will conclude with a report on the day and set of recommendations to inform next steps and a real sense understanding of and buy in for the key aims of the alliance.


Package is offered as a full day, but could be tailored to fit one half days, or one initial half day and a follow up half day.


Half Day - 1500 + travel expenses + vat
Full Day - 2000 + travel expenses + vat

NB: In some instances due to travel arrangements and an early start overnight accommodation might be required. TO MAKE A BOOKING AND DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS CONTACT HEATHER OR CAROLINE by emailing: enquiries@slaterbaker.com