Sir Tim Brighouse

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Speaker Topics

  • Teaching
  • School Improvement
  • School Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • I.C.T. in Education
  • Education without failure
  • Education Policy
  • Assessment
  • 21st Century Learning


Sir Tim Brighouse began his career by completing a degree in modern history at Oxford University, where he trained to be a teacher in 1961. He continued to teach at various levels for several years.
His career in educational administration includes the position of Chief Education Officer in both Oxfordshire and Birmingham, where his work was quoted by Ofsted as "an example to all others of what can be done, even in the most demanding urban environment".
During his tenure as Professor of Education at Keele University he founded the “Centre for Successful Schools”.
He completed his full time career in education as Commissioner for London Schools in 2007.
Sir Tim is a charismatic, inspirational speaker and typical comments about him from Education Ministers are "He exceeded expectations," & "He brought incredible energy."

Current Positions Held

Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education
Non executive board member of Research Machines
Advisor to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Personal Achievements and Awards

Knighted for his Achievements in Education 2009
Numerous Honorary Degrees and Doctorates
Degree in Modern History at Oxford University
Author of several books including;
“What makes a Good School Now?” 2008
“How Successful Head Teachers Survive and Thrive” 2007
“The Jigsaw of a Successful School”2006

Relevant Career and Professional Background

Commissioner for London Schools. 2002 – 2007
Chief Education Officer of Birmingham. 1993 - 2002
Professor Education - Keele University , where he founded The Centre for Successful Schools. 1989 - 1993
Chief Education Officer of Oxford. 1978 - 1989
Deputy head (at the age of 26 years)

Additional Information

Typical feedback:
“Sir Tim - engaging thought provoking and funny”
“Exceptional nuggets of wisdom and humour”
“Sir Tim was magnificent”
“Excellent, full of enthusiasm, especially after listening to Sir Tim”

Sir Tim was fantastic and was the topic of conversation amongst governors throughout the day. I only have informal feedback at the moment from my own conversations but governors had found it inspirational as well as taking lots of ideas for themselves
"Tim was truly magnificent. There is an aura around Tim that I can't explain but when he joined us for the pre-conference meal he had an immediate uplifting effect. Tim is this Country's greatest educational asset, and I am saddened that successive governments do not try to maximise the opportunity we have to learn from this great man."

“Tim, as always, was outstanding and has a special place in the hearts of Headteachers”
“You can never get tired of hearing this man speak or being in his company”

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